This is the first set of exercises in our proven Functional Strength program that’s been specifically designed for endurance cyclists. These foundation exercises will help you build good function, stability and mobility back into your body before we start loading you up with heavier exercises.

Now, they may look simple and easy to do but I’d like you to never underestimate the remarkable power of building good form and function. Remember, you can only produce as much power as you can stabilise so it’s important that you get this first step right before we move on to the harder exercises.

Start doing these exercises at least three times a week for the next two weeks.

They’ll only take to a few moments to master and you’ll quickly notice how much better and more efficient you feel on the bike.

And… like the rest of our strength training program, you’ll be able to do these exercises anywhere without the need for a gym membership.

So let’s get started and become more awesome on the bike!


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