World famous track cyclist Robert Förstemann battles a 700w toaster. Can he, with his 74cm legs, generate enough energy to create a golden-brown toast?

It doesn’t matter what bike your ride, or the kit you wear…

To ride your bike, you still need to power it. So… it all comes down to how many watts you can produce.

Whether it’s a short sprint to the line or a massive thirteen-hour recreational event; the more power you can produce the faster you’ll go.

Your ability to produce sustained power is the key to you riding up hills faster, pulling personal best on Strava or taking out that win at your next bike race.

Getting real tangible performance improvements is not about having a super light bike, expensive wheels or the latest colorful cycling kit.

If you are really serious about your training you’ll know that it’s about selectively choosing to do the right type of training when you are on your bike.

And… In doing so I think you’ll really surprise yourself at how quickly you can change your riding around and start seeing results.